What Is Early Abortion?

The early abortion procedure is performed in the clinic for pregnancies up to 12 weeks. The abortion pill can be taken for pregnancies up to 10 weeks. The abortion pill is different from emergency contraception, also known as the morning after pill.

What Methods Of Early Abortion Are Available At Women's Health Specialists?

What Is Vacuum Aspiration?

This abortion procedure now used in many clinics is the safest and least traumatic available. The three main steps involved are:

  1. An injection, to numb the cervix,
  2. The insertion of a small flexible plastic cannula (sterile tube) through the natural opening to the uterus (the cervix),
  3. Removal of the pregnancy by suction, which is created by an aspiration machine. The actual suction part of the procedure normally takes about two to three minutes.

A simple local anesthetic can be administered to numb the cervix. There are fewer risks with abortion performed with a local anesthetic than with a general anesthetic. General anesthesia temporarily depresses both the circulatory and respiratory systems of the body. It also requires monitoring equipment and your recovery will be longer after the abortion.

Early abortion does not require cervical dilation greater than 7-8 millimeters. Excessive, forceful or rapid dilation increases the risk of cervical tears and increased pain for the woman. It stands to reason that the less done the better.

What Is Manual Vacuum Aspiration?

The MVA procedure is the same as abortion by vacuum aspiration with the advantage of using a hand held syringe instead of an aspiration machine. Women don’t have to hear the sound of the machine and there is usually less discomfort as the pregnancy is being removed. The MVA procedure also takes a few minutes to completely remove the contents of the uterus. At Women’s Health Specialists, our physicians are trained in this quieter technique. Unfortunately, many physicians in other clinics do not do this procedure because they have not been trained to use this method, making MVA a unique procedure at Women’s Health Specialists.

At Women’s Health Specialists, we use MVA for women in early stages of the first trimester of pregnancy. In the early first trimester of pregnancy, women can choose the MVA or “the abortion pill”. MVA is a surgical aspiration (suction) method abortion, provided in a safe clinic setting. With MVA, the procedure is like a first trimester procedure described above. An injection to numb the cervix is used, and a small sterile tube is inserted into the uterus. The pregnancy is removed by creating suction with a hand held syringe, instead of the aspirator machine described above. Many women prefer this method because the suction used with MVA is less noisy than the aspiration machine.

Abortion Pill (RU 486) Vs. Manual Vacuum Aspiration